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RFID Guard Tour System WITH 30,000 pcs records (Model: GT30)

System components

1. GT30 Guard Tour Reader
2. RFID Checkpoint tags
3. Guard ID cards
4. USB cable
5. Software & SDK CD
6. Battery
7. Charger
8. Leather Holster

More details

GT30 RFID Guard Tour System is specially designed for hostile environment RFID identifying. With waterproof and durable aluminum alloy surface, it can work in moist and low temperature environment. No button control prevents human damage and data lost, simple operating and convenient downloading makes it work effectively.


1)       Material: Aluminum Alloy

2)       Frequency: 125KHz

3)       Read chips: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc.

4)       Flash memory: 30,000pcs

5)       Battery: 3.6V Lithium battery

6)       Standard accessories: Lithium battery, USB cable, strong cover, AC adapter

7)       Weight: 210g



1)       Waterproof Shake-resistant

2)       Durable strong surface resist low temperature

3)       Without button control which is safe and reliable, it can prevent date losing

4)       Light and buzzer when read successfully

5)       High speed for downloading with USB port

6)       Low power consumption of the battery, 2800mA can read more than 200,000 times