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RFID nail tag

EM Covert Nail Tag, ID Guard Tag, RFID nail tags 125KHz proximity for Guard Tour Patrol System Checkpoint Tag

Item specifics

Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)

Material:special plastic, Nylon

Housing:Ultrasonic Welding



Dimension:Cap dia.8mm, body dia.6mm, long 35mm

Packaging Details:Neutral

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Product Description

RFID Nail Tag is made of special plastic. The Nail Tag can be nailed into any type of wood and wall.


The EM ID signal nail shape are used together with our guard tour hand-held readers. They are completely waterproof. And they can operate in wide temperature ranges. When sealed inside walls to prevent from damaging or theft, those signal cards can be read without contact. They are the ideal replacement products for contact-based guard tour checkpoints.


1. Nail-shaped cards that can be used as guard tour checkpoints. These can be installed beneath wall surfaces.

2. Uses EM format RFID signal (125Khz).

3. Pre-programmed with unique ID number.

4. Non-contact reading.

5. Very durable (over 20 years usage life)

6. Completely waterproof, all-weather that can be used reliably in rainy, snowy, dusty, or other adverse environments

7. Passive and no power required for operation

8. Dimension: cap dia.8mm, body dia.6mm, long 35mm