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Flashing Housing Tag

Flashing EM ID plastic housing tag are used together with our guard tour hand-held readers. They are completely waterproof. And they can operate in wide temperature ranges.

More details

125KHz RFID Proximity Flashing Tag/Guard Patrol System Checkpoint Tag T8

                                       -the world most rugged checkpoint tag





Flashing every 3second, suitable for dark environment (flashing life time: 5years)

Material: ABS

Tag Type: Read-only

Frequency: 125KHz

Chip: TK4100/EM4100/EM4102

Passive and no power required for operation

High sensitive and Long inductive distance

Read Range: 1~5CM

Dimension: φ80mm, Thickness: 5mm


Color: White Gray

Temperature: -40°C - +70°C

Memory Retention: above 10 years

Long lifetime: >20 years

Completely waterproof, Anti-destroyed & anti-corrode, all-weather that can be used reliably in rainy, snowy, dusty, or other adverse environments



Guard Tour System as Checkpoint Tag for address identification, Access Control & Security, Time Attendance-loyalty & Membership Managemen Ticket & Payment, Club/SPA membership management, rewards and promotion.