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Welcome to the Sichii Time Office Management System for processing attendance data and generating Time Office management reports.


Time Office software can work even in an environment where the employees can record the attendance (by dropping the card to register ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ timings) from any of several systems that could be working at a location and the attendance recording will be done automatically in the correct way.


This software is designed not only to cater to the needs of all kind of possible users e.g., factories, offices etc. To cater to the needs of the factories where an employee needs to sit beyond the normal limits of 12 the software takes two days data together for proper computation of attendance. In the Offices the sales service, account, personnel, administration on personnel needs to go out for sales calls, service calls, bank work, Labor Courts etc. The software provides the facility of calculating the outwork of such employees and also calculate the outwork as the employee’s working hours.


Advantages of having this type of system are:


•    It is convenient for the employees, to utilize any of the machines installed in the premises, which is freer. As they can record ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ from any of the TIMEOFFICEsystems which are there, it has an automatic reducing effect on the length of the queue.

•     However because of any reason if dedicated machines are required for

‘IN’  and  ‘OUT’,  the  same  can  also  be  done  without  any  problem. TIMEOFFICEhas this provision.


Duplicate checking of entries


Many times an employee (mainly workers) map drop his card more than once in quick succession just to ensure and reassure himself that his attendance is marked. However, second punch is normally treated as ‘OUT’ punch. To circumvent such situation and ignore all the repeat punches received within a specified time. Say, 5 minutes or 10 minutes etc., a provision exists so that the repeat punches of the same employee received within this period will not be treated as ‘OUT’ punch.


Night Shift Operation


TIMEOFFICEsoftware works even for night shift operation i.e., person entering during night hours of one day can leave the next day morning or afternoon.


Punching Patterns Allowed for Employees in the Company


•    Single Punch :  If  desired, It  is possible to do away with the ‘OUT’ punching for employees leaving at the shift end time only. In this case employees will have to record ‘IN’ time only. ‘OUT’ will be automatically assumed to be the shift end time. However, persons leaving early or staying overtime are expected to punch ‘OUT’ time also and such recordings will be accounted.

•    Double Punch : Both ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ timing are recorded.

•    Four Punch : In addition to the two punches recorded while coming ‘IN’ and going ‘OUT’ you can also record ‘LUNCH IN’ and ‘LUNCH OUT’ timings.

•    Multiple Punch : Maximum 20 punches are allowed.

•    For  directors,  senior  executives  it  may  not  be  mandatory  to  record attendance daily. However, for the sake of proper records, and at the same time keeping in view their busy schedules, a feature has been provided by which it automatically posts ‘IN/OUT’ timings, without actually punching. If they do punch, the same will be recorded or otherwise it will be inserted automatically as per their shift timings.

•    For specific employees who are often doing outside work like peons, purchase personnel, account personnel requiring to go to bank etc., the punching can be multiple i.e. the personnel are required to punch the card when going out and when coming in. The time the person spends inside the office and outside for official purposes can be monitored. Owing to carious practical reason this facility is only for the day shift operations and is meant only for the white-collar employees who come in the general shift of the offices / factories. This facility will not be extended at present to night shift operation or for workers. More over in night shifts, such requirement hardly exists.


The Solutions to various Practical problems experienced in the Industry are given below:


•    For employee going out for official work and not expected to come back, he is supposed to register his OUT time, While going out for work.  His  early  departure  status  can  be  changed  to  ‘ON  DUTY’ through gate pass entry option. This is required to be done only if the time loss to the company of that specific employee is to be monitored and to be used for deduction in salary.

•    Similarly for employee coming ‘IN’ late after attending to the official work before shift start time, he will register his ‘IN’ time and the late arrival  status  can  be  changed  to  ‘ON  DUTY’  through  gate  pass voucher entry. This is required to be used for deduction in salary.

•    For person going out of station for official work, his attendance will be marked through Leave/Tour Voucher entry.

•    Person staying for overtime, will have to register his ‘OUT’ time only when he finally leaves the work place. He is not expected to register his time at regular shift end time.

•    If  a  person  genuinely forgets  to  being  the  card  and  in  case  the company allows for such entries to be done then there is a provision for manual punch entry at computer level so that the entry can be entered by an authorized person.

•    If the employee misses either the ‘IN’ or the ‘OUT’ punch, the software has the intelligence to point out these cases and help the operator to interact with these individuals who are trying to manual entry can be done as explained above.

•    All the reports can be obtained on screen or printer or in a file.

•    All reports can be obtained in:

• Employee code wise        • Department wise        • Paycode wise

• Selected Department & category wise.                      • Grade wise

• Section wise


This software handles such key data like employee’s daily attendance utmost care has been taken in making the software secure enough to stop manipulation of data.