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Zinc Alloy Door Exit Push Button

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The high strength zinc alloy die casting, after high-temperature paint, surface treatment are exquisite and elegant, never fade, rust from atmospheric corrosion, only the width of 30mm. Suitable for narrow frame door installation.

Product parameters:
Dimensions: length 30x width 80x 24 (mm)
Standard structure: alloy panels, metal buttons
Electrical performance: maximum durable current 3A@36VDC
Contact output: NO/COM contact
Durable test: five hundred thousand aging test qualified
Application of gate type: suitable for all kinds of gate frame
Applicable temperature: -20 ~ +50
Applicable humidity: 95% ~ 0 (relative humidity)
Panel processing: alloy panel, high temperature paint
Product weight: 0.135kg

Package Included:
* 1 x Door Switch Button
* 2 x Screws