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4 Line Electric Bolt Lock With door state detection output point and Timer 0/3/6/9 seconds available to set Timer

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Item specifics
  • Brand Name:Sichii
  • Model Number:EL200D
  • Fail-safe type:Power to lock
  • Voltage:DC12V
  • Face Plate:205L*35W*42H(mm)
  • Strike Plate:90L*25W*2H(mm)
  • Bolt:16mm(Throw) * 16mm(Diameter)
  • Start Current:960ma
  • Standby Current:130ma
  • Timer:0/3/6/9 seconds available to set

















Product Description
1.Latest design, very low power consumption
2.Professional design, double current protection
3.Protection design, positive and negative poles alternate protection
4.It made of durable and high material
5.Professional installation, surge absorber inside
6.It's convenient for you to use
1.Power supply: DC 12V/1A
2.Power consumption: Start: 960mA, Normal: 130ma
3.Size of lock body: 205L*35W*42H(mm) 
4.Cylinder panel size: 90L*25W*2H(mm)
5.Cylinder Size: 0.67" in length, 0.63" in diameter
6. Signal Output: door open or door close state detection output point,NC/COM 
7.Timer: 0/3/6/9 seconds available to set              
8.Face Place Material:High Aluminum,Carrulous Line Finished
9.Safety measures: 
  (1) Unlock when not energized
  (2) Reverse connection of negative and positive poles of battery