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60kg Mini Door Lock/ Electric Magnetic Door Lock 12VDC Door Entry Access Control

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  1. Lock Size: 80x 38x 24 mm(L x W x D)
  2. Armature plate: 75x 31x 12 mm(L x W x D)
  3. Maximum tension: 60kg (100Lbs) straight line Rally
  4. Input voltage: DC12V +10%
  5. Operating Current: 12V/300mA
  6. Surface Temperature: Within +20 degree below ambient temperature
  7. Suitable temperature: -10to +55
  8. Degree(14-131F)
  9. Suitable Humidity: 0 to 90% relative humidity
  10. Shell: Anodized plating processing
  11. The lock processing: environmentally friendly zinc plating processing
  12. Suction plate processing: environmental protection zinc plating processing
  13. Applicable door type: file cabinet, shopping cabinet and other small doors
  14. Product Weight: 517g


  1. Do not use 220V power directly to the lock, you must use the DC 12V power supply
  2. Wiring need to distinguish between positive and negative poles: red positive, black negative
  3. All screws must be locked, magnetic locks need to be fixed


Package Include:

  • 1 x 60kg electromagnetic lock