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FINGERPRINT  Time Attendance & Access Control System


TCP/IP, ID/IC Card, USB, Spare Battery

●SDK available for OEM customers and software developers.
●Accept ODM or OEM, providing system local voice, software analysis, casing-making.

More details

SC-T60 FINGERPRINT Time Attendance & Access Control System uses the latest biometric algorithmization which can read the fingerprint by 360 degrees. Arm9 CPU enables it to run machine very quickly. With the TCP/IP communication port, you can connect the machine with the hub or central computer to get the on-line time attendance records. It has the relay out which can output signal to the locks to construct the access control system. Besides for, it has the WG26 input and output which can connect the card reader or used as a reader. It can connect the clock bell. When you set up the time, the bell will be ringing.


 Kindly notes:

  • 1. If your company is small-size, you can use the machine as stand-alone. Using the USB pen drive or SD card to download the attendance data in TXT format.
  • 2. Reading hardware and software manual carefully before using machine. Step by step to practice it, you will master it easily.
  • 3. The software can meet most of requirement. Welcome to consult us if you have special requirement.
  • 4. SDK is available for your own software programming.
  • 5. If you are a distributor or resellor, we can do the OEM for you and put your company information into the firmware. Moreover, you can have a competitive price.
  • 6. Machine’s optional function means
  • 7. ID or IC card reading when the people can not use fingerprint (injuried, inconvenient etc), they can swipe card to make the time recording.
  • 8. Access control function means it can connect with the electronic-magnetic locks, bolt lock.
  • 9. When the fingerprint is scanned, the door will open. The whole access control system consists of one fingerprint machine, one exit button, lock and power supply. Because the lock and the power supply is very heavy. We recommend you to buy in your local market.


SC-T60 FINGERPRINT Time Attendance & Access Control System



Fingerprint arithmetic version


Screen L*W mm

128*64 LCD

User capacity

3, 000

Transaction Storage:

80, 000

Period of data:

Keep data for 3 years without current

Support baudrate

9600BPS, 19200BPS, 38400BPS

Verification mode:

1: N, 1:1


<0. 0001%


<0. 01%

Response time

<0. 6 second

External functions

Connect Electronic lock(Access Control), Electronic bell


RS232 or RS485, TCP/IP, USB and Relay output, Weigand26 output

Anti-dismantle lock and key, easy to install
Short message support message prompt


Time, ID number, Name


English, French, Spanish, Czech, Indonesian, Portuguese, Turkish

Time & Attendance mode

Fingerprint, password, card, fingerprint + password, fingerprint + card,fingerprint + card+ password

Save function

Turn off device automatically for saving

Size(L*W*H cm)


Packing (L*W*H cm)


Power supply

DC9V, 1A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )

Warranty of period

24 months

Temperature and humidity

0 - 45, 20%-80%

Optional Function

TCP/IP, ID/IC Card, Spare Battery


Office / factory / supermarket / villa etc