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Touch Guard Patrol System (SC-TD100) Touch+Downloader Base Station
System components

1. Touch Guard Patrol reader SC-TD100
2. Downloader Base Station

3. Checkpoint Touch iBttons

4. Guard ID Touch iBttons

5. Software & SDK CD
6. Leather Holster

More details

SC-TD100 Touch Guard Patrol Reader is a very popular product on the market. Small-sized, durability, and low power consumption are its biggest advantages. With unique design and special adhesive, SC-TD100 Touch Guard Patrol Reader is total waterproof. The unique design that there is not any screw on the surface makes it super durable. One 3.7V lithium battery can read buttons 270 000 times continuously. If you need a dependable, tamper-proof data collection system, SC-TD100 system is the obvious choice.


*Durable stainless steel case with rubber outer Shell, super durability
*Brilliant exterior design, small-sized, light and easy carrying,
*With special waterproof pad and adhesive in the reader, completely water resistant
*No screws on surface, sabotage resistant
*Shock proof and easy maintenance
*LED flash prompt at the touch of the button
*Real time internal clock
*3000 records storage capacity
*Low power consumption
*Long battery life, 270000 continuous reads

Technical Information

Touch Guard Patrol Reader SC-TD100


Durable stainless steel case with rubber outer shell



Operating Temperature

-45° to +85°C


5% to 95% non-condensing

Storage Capacity

3000 pieces records


3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery, 800mAh

Signal Card Detection

Auto induction card-reading

Card Reading Distance



With USB2.0 downloader base station



Waterproof & Dustproof


Anti-explosion ExiaⅡBT4

Checkpoint Touch iButtons


Touch Memory Buttons are electronic memory chips contained in small water-resistant,water-resistant stainless steel canister. All Touch Memory Buttons (TM card, iButton) contain a unique ID number that is unalterable and identifies each button. The Touch Memory Button’s stainless steel container protects the memory chip and provides an electrical path for communication with the SC-TD100 reader. The top of button is connected to the enclosed memory chip circuit, and the bottom and sides provide a signal ground. When you touch a button with the SC-TD100 reader, an electrical connection is established data is transferred instaneously. You can attach buttons to virtually anything by using permanent adhesive pads, mounting brackets, or key ring tabs.


Downloader Base Station SC-D100t


SC-D100t downloader station provide the communications link between the SC-TD100 reader and the computer. With available communication speed of up to 19200 baud read, downloading a SC-TD100 reader to your computer takes only a few seconds.

Technical Information

SC-D100t Downloader Base Station





Power Supplies  120v, 60Hz, 220v, 50Hz
Indicator Lights Power, Transmit, and Receive
Connection Ports Computer and Power

Hardware quick start guide

1. The patrolling guard takes the reader and touches his own Guard ID to identify himself with the system.

2. The guard will then proceed to the designated stations and touch the installed station iButtons accordingly. The data and time will be recorded in the reader for every station touching.

3. After patrolling, the guard will hand it over to the supervisor who will upload patrolling data to software via downloader station and have a data analysis and management.