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Super Anti-Vandalism Guard Tour System (GT50)

System components

1. GT50 Guard Tour Reader
2. RFID Checkpoint tags
3. Guard ID cards
4. Bluetooth 2.4 G Communication Cradle
5. Battery
6. Leather Holster
7. Software & SDK CD

More details

1.completely prevent human vandalism
2.waterproof and shakeproof
3.Military-level design
4.very rugged

completely prevent human vandalism guard tour system 

GT50 guard tour system is composed of patrol rod, address card, inspector  buckle and intelligent patrol management system software. GT50 is most durable, waterproof and shake-resistant patrolling reader working with RFID memory technology. With high quality leather case, it is specially designed working in low temperature and tough environment aiming at supervising and monitoring security personnels patrolling work performance


1. Military-level design, super durable, waterpoof and shakeproof.

2. 3MM thickness import T6061 Aeronautical Aluminum Alloy, military III hard anodized, super durable.

3. Built-in rechargeable battery, can not remove, 2.4G Bluetooth communication instead of USB, no removal and destroyed part, completely prevent human vandalism.

4. Enviromentalyy friendly electronic silicone liner, triple protection, without injury falling from 100M.

5. All the components and panels fixed without screw.

6. Good compatibility, can read all the cards in the market Inductive guard tour patrol, no need power, no need wire.


Reading distance: 3-5CM

Frequency: 125Khz

No button, automatically reading inductive

Flash memory: 30000pcs

Communication mode: 2.4G Bluetooth Communication

Temperature range: -40c-85c

Battery: 3.2V iron phosphate lithium battery(saftest rechargeable battery)

Ultra low power consumption,read cards more than 60,000pcs fully charged

Size and Weight


Diameter:body part 28mm;head part 34mm


Supporting Software
Based on windows98/2000/xp/vista/win 7 operation system, simple and intelligent operation, Humanized design makes it quite convenient. Especially with all-around functions, it is featured with partol site, language set up, patroller register, intelligent shift arrangement, long-distance    transmission, query in other places, checking miss place, user-defined case functions, input and output, the right of administrator right setup etc.