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Stainless steel electric strike 12V DC narrow mouth long-type door electric strike lock for access control power to open

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Item specifics
  • Brand Name:Sichii
  • Model Number:EL250N
  • Fail-safe type:Power to open
  • Voltage:DC12V
  • Lock Size:240L*28W*31H(mm)
  • Holding Stength:800KG
  • Current:240mA(NJ-300A) / 120mA(NJ-300B)
  • Bolt Structure:Stainless Steel















Product Description
standard electronically controlled locking 12V electric locks
With thick stainless steel production, built-in full copper coils,
Quality stable 12V operating voltage power lock to force small and beautiful price
Very suitable for small glass door installation door! long lasting
Embedded installation, beautiful appearance, electromagnetic part made of high quality magnetic materials
and special process,Long working hours does not produce residual magnetism, ensure the normal use
Size: 240 × 28 × 32mm
Material: Stainless steel
Features: power to open
Lock time is determined by the power-on time
Voltage: 12V ± 10%
Working Current: 110mA-250mA
apply any frame doors, stainless steel doors